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Assisting a Non-profit with Riverbank Stabilization & Habitat Enhancement

Kanati assisted a non-profit with an easement in Stearns County of Minnesota designed for riverbank stabilization and habitat enhancement. Along with several other projects being implemented, Kanati successfully sourced and planted 25,000 Willow and Dog Wood stakes. The primary benefits of this process was to extend and enhance wildlife habitat and prevent further erosion from the riverbank.

Our Approach

Our approach was to strengthen the riverbank with the use of live vegetation.
Often less costly in terms of materials, once established, the live stakes are also self-maintaining and regenerative. They require 1-2 years to establish roots and resist erosion.


Riverbank Destabilization Causes:

  • Direct: Livestock trampling, removal of riparian vegetation.
  • Indirect: Channel incisions, then widening from hydrologic
    alteration in watershed.

Impacts of Bank Destabilization:

  • Property loss.
  • Fine Sediment Loading
  • Water quality impacts from fine sediment
    and attached nutrients.
  • Aquatic habitat fouling and eutrophication.
  • Channel Widening.

As native as it gets.

Kanati sustainably harvested these native shrubs with permission from private landowners in the area by taking hand-cuttings from their established shrubs. By locally sourcing the Willow and Dogwood can reduce the distance and time it takes to transport goods, therefore reducing emissions associated with transportation. Additionally, sourcing them locally reduces the risk of production delays and quality issues that can arise from shipping goods from distant locations.

The shrubs were strategically hand-staked in groups of twenty-five along the riverbank and within a few days new growth was observed. Within a few months plants were successfully establishing themselves. Working with non-profits to fulfill conservation has been extremely rewarding and this is just one of many examples as to how Kanati can partner their services with others who are dedicated to making the world a better place.


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