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Minnesota Couple Finds Dream Land with Help from Kanati

A husband and wife, living in central Minnesota, approached Kanati intending to find a piece of land where they could enjoy the outdoors as a family with their three sons. If you’re considering purchasing a piece of property that has habitat for wildlife, consider contacting Kanati as your conservation advisor.



The Vision

The property would also become the family’s hunting property. With that in mind, the hopeful buyer already intended to develop a habitat plan with Kanati for the future property. To achieve the client’s goals, Kanati focused on the value of building a relationship with the client by looking past the financial factors and striving towards creating the piece for human connection. They were not just buying property; they were buying land. The couple wanted the property to be local and easily accessible. Kanati used their resources to find a piece of property only a few miles from their home. It was a beautiful piece of property surrounded by the Avon rolling hills near St. John’s University in central Minnesota. This is the piece of land they envisioned.


The Process

After closing on the property, Kanati continued to work with the new landowners on how to enhance it for wildlife. With extensive knowledge in habitat management, Kanati was not only their realtor, but their conservation consultant, both positions requiring tremendous amounts of trust. The habitat plan was designed to enhance the suitable habitat for wildlife in the area, something Kanati knew the property had potential for before recommending it to the couple. Knowing their future intentions for the property, Kanati was able to visualize the structure of the habitat plan and how it could be made possible. The plan included documented soil types and nutrients, the forested coverage and condition of the property, existing wildlife activity, hunting strategies, and future food plot and deer stand placements.


The Results

By coupling the habitat management suggestions in the plan with a strategic hunting strategy, the property experienced a large degree of hunting success both in terms of quantity and quality of wildlife. Within the same year of purchasing the property, the family had already had a successful deer hunt.

Purchasing land is a part of planning one’s legacy. The habitat plan Kanati provided can be used as a dynamic document and modified as the owner’s goals may change, monitoring their effectiveness over time, and making further habitat adjustments as needed. This is the core of adaptive and sustainable management plan. Nature does not sit still, thus the approach to nature will never be the same. Building a legacy needs to be responsibly managed, but this can only be achieved by starting with a plan.




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