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What Is Kanati Land Management

Hi, I’m Nate Hylla with Kanati Land Management and I’m here today to tell you about what is Kanati. Who are we and what do we do. I often get asked the question about what services and what things do you provide? Kanati was built on a vision for landowners, family, friends and outdoor enthusiasts to spend time together enjoying the outdoors. Surrounded by nature and surrounded by land. We together offer a team based approach with some of the experts in the industry. Such as biologists, industry representatives, people that know conservation programs, real estate, agronomists, we pull from all of those resources to give you the best plan out there and to give you the best vision for what your property looks like. We offer services like habitat management plans, real estate services in partnering with Central Minnesota Realty, drone services, we help you with implementation. If you need to put a food plot in, if you need to plant native grasses or plant trees we offer trees for sale. We sell food plot seed and some of the best equipment in the industry today for enjoying the outdoors. So if you’re interested in knowing more about Kanati Land Management, please contact us on our website. We’d be happy to offer a free consultation to find out how we can help you.

At Kanati Land Management we pride ourselves in helping you create your dream property.  Whether you own 5 acres or 5000 acres we are here to help maximize your properties’ potential.  We specialize in everything from food plots, game species habitat improvements, CRP planting, Bee and Butterfly planting, Habitat plans, prairie restoration, wetland improvements, tree plantings, tree sales, wildlife seed sales, blind sales and installation, equipment sales and much more.   We even have a licensed real estate agent on the team that can help you find that dream property or sell your current.   We start all this with a free consultation to help identify your needs and let you know what we can do for you.  Let Kanati Land Management help you create your dream property!

Need help with putting together a game plan to maximize your goals on your land?  Many consultants will provide you with a cookie-cutter plan with basic management techniques that’s one person’s opinion. Not us, we start with a site visit and then construct a panel of experts who specialize in areas around your goals to design your plan with multiple professional input to give you the best well rounded, thought out plan. Sign up for the free consultation!

We know habitat management takes a lot of work, but with the right team, your habitat projects will be well taken care of. We have the tools to get the job done right, including tractors, no-till drills, tillers, spreaders, sprayers, and more.. We can complete any habitat project your land needs, from prairie restoration to food plots.

We can also give you a bird’s eye view with our state-of-the-art drone. Utilizing drone technology allows us to capture real-time aerial images of your property to fine-tune food plot locations, travel corridors, and bedding cover.

Habitt projects are expensive, but there’s a way to help pay for it! We have nearly 20 years of experience working with different state and federal programs that directly aid a landowner with habitat projects. This means we can also help reduce your out-of-pocket cost with cost-share to partially or fully fund your habitat goals!