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  • The expertise and experience to guide you through the labyrinth of environmental regulations.

Need a wetland survey for new construction on your lakefront? An environmental assessment of your degraded wetlands? Our projects involve all aspects of residential and commercial developments and infrastructure improvements.

Wetland restoration can be a tedious process, we can assist you with environmental evaluations, delineations, field studies, regulatory analysis, and permitting. For landowners, restoration contributes to environmental health and enhances their land’s value and appeal. The wetland delineation process is the first step to achieving either restoration, wetland mitigation, or wetland mitigation banking.

Protect & restore their natural rarity.

Ecological restoration and preservation of wetlands and natural habitats can be done by re-establishing natural water flows, replanting native vegetation, and removing invasive species.

Ultimately, these options are about maximizing the potential of your land while remaining compliant.  With our extensive background in land surveying and ecological services, you can expect exceptional service, friendly collaboration, and highly educated, experienced and knowledgeable staff while working with Kanati throughout your project. 

Ways we can help

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