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  • Your site-prep strategy for fields, food plots, or acreage of any size.

A diverse fleet of spraying equipment.

Before or during the growing season, Kanati can provide the appropriate methods for proper site prep and services to control unwanted non-native or invasive species.  With an extensive knowledge in protecting crops, pasture, and the environment by carefully mixing and applying pesticides, herbicides and fertilizer, Kanati has the capability to follow the exact guidelines as prescribed by certified professionals.

When selecting an application method, we take into consideration:

  • Herbicide selectivity: Selective herbicides that control specific weed species.
  • Persistence: The residual activity of chemicals, meaning how long do they remain active after application.
  • Means of uptake: Whether by contact or systematic absorption.
  • Mode of action: How does the method control, kill, or inhibit development of the unwanted species.

We understand that the critical nature of timing and method are vital to achieve effective control while minimizing the impacts of non-targeted species. Need spraying services? contact us today!

Ways we can help

Contact us for service inquiries or an on-site consultation to get started.