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  • A few measly branches could be the difference between a clear shot and getting no shot at all.

Stealthy Success.

Without question, success in the woods can ultimately come down to how you’ve prepared for your hunt. With specialized equipment, we can help conservatively clear shooting lanes with multiple pathways. Additionally, creating artificial deer trails will allow for a much more precise hunting strategy based on concentrated deer movement rather than somewhat random movement. Trails can be mowed with a brush mower in mid- to late-summer each year to keep them passable for deer. 

Kanati can also develop precisely executed access and exit routes and maintain existing trails for landowners to access their deer stands and other areas of their property with ease. How hunting locations are accessed plays by far the biggest role in season-long hunting success. While it is tempting to take the “easy” way to a stand, this is almost always the wrong way to
approach a stand. The utmost priority needs to be keeping deer from knowing they are being hunted.

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