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At Kanati we have a licensed Real Estate Agent to help you find the right property to fit your needs. Nate Hylla of Central MN Realty has many years of land management, conservation program and hunting experience. Nate is a great resource for those looking to buy or sell the perfect hunting property. Whether you’re looking for a new home with land or purchasing that perfect hunting haven, Nate is here to help!

Hi I’m Nate Hylla with Kanati Land Management. I’m here today to talk about real estate. Kanati Land Management has licensed real estate agents on staff that can help you with your real estate needs. What sets Kanati Land Management agents apart from other agents is we can help identify those income opportunities that can offset costs. We can look at your goals, whether they meet your financial goals, your wildlife goals or just your outdoor goals in general. We can help identify those opportunities right away on the forefront before purchasing that piece of property and maybe it’s a property that you can work with and maybe you’re ready to sell that property. Kanati Land Management real estate experts can help you list that property. So call us today at Kanati Land Management for a free consultation for your real estate needs!

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