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Habitat management is hard work. If you don’t have the time or the equipment to complete your habitat projects, we can take care of it. Licensed and insured, with top-of-the-line equipment including tractors, a no-till drill, mower, tiller, broadcast spreaders, spraying equipment and more, we have the equipment and the personnel to get the job done right! We can take your project from start to finish or supplement the parts you either do not have the time or equipment to complete. Contact us for a consultation or quote for your projects!

Hi I’m Nate Hylla from Kanati Land Management. I’m here to talk to you about project implementation. At Kanati, a large portion of what we do has to do with project implementation. Project implementation is putting food plots in, hanging trail cameras, timber work, planting trees, planting crp, planting wildflowers and native grasses. Those are just a few of the things that we offer here at Kanati Land Management. Our project implementation team can either do all of the work for you or educate you to do the work yourself. We can walk side by side with landowners and look at the projects that they want to do. You’ve got your property through real estate. You’ve now got a habitat plan or conservation plan. Our project implementation team can help you implement that plan on that property. So call us today for a free quote on project implementation!


We have multiple no-till drills to plant your next food plot, add to your food plot (multi crop), plant your next native grass/crp or pollinator field. We can plant any seed you can think of; soybeans, corn, warm season grasses, screen plots, clovers, alfalfas, brassicas, fall grains and more. Get ahold of us to help you with your next seeding!

Prices starting at $50.00/acre


Are you tired of mowing 5 acres? Whether you want to replace two acres of your land with pollinator habitat or convert that ten acre hard-to-farm area with Native Vegetation, Kanati Land Management can help by finding the right program, seed and seeding method to make your habitat a success. From bees to butterflies to nesting pheasants, we can help you achieve your conservation goals.

Prices starting at $50.00/acre


Adding wetlands and water sources can enhance the habitat and become a natural draw for wildlife. We work with specialized contractors to construct and enhance wildlife ponds.

Prices vary by project size and scope


The key to a healthy forest is proper management and planning. With our staff, we can assess the current status of your timber stand and recommend changes or improvements to provide a healthier ecosystem. By doing this, you will have improvements that can give wildlife more food, better cover and an all around more diverse habitat. Woodland Stewardship Plans can also provide tax incentives.

Prices starting at $70/hour


There is nothing we probably love more than planning and planting food plots! We can plant food plots exactly to your requested blends and specs or we can help you pick out the best seed blends, acreage and plot design to maximize the desired game and hunting opportunity on your property. We can plant anything and everything. We have our favorite blends and techniques which we will be glad to share but also are open to doing the project exactly how you want it done. We plant:

Corn, soybeans, brassica blends, fall grain blends, clovers and alfafas, screening, wild bird mixes, upland mixes, warm season grasses and more.

Get ahold of us to discuss your next food plot!

Prices starting at $70/acre


Tree planting is one of the best ways to transform your property. At Kanati we offer tree planting and tree sales to help you get this done. We are able to design and help you select the right trees for the right location. Whether it be a bedding area, permanent screen, funnel or an additional food source. Get a hold of us to discuss your tree project!

Planting prices starting at $70/hour

Tree sale pricing varies by species


We provide tillage services for new and existing food plots and habitat projects. For some clients this is a great option if they do not have the equipment to work the ground but are able to spray and plant their food plots.

We also provide mowing services, from mowing off food plots and trails to warm grass stands early season weed mowings. Get a hold of us for your mowing needs!

Prices starting at $70/acre


Don’t have the equipment, knowledge or want to mess around with chemicals for spraying? Kanati is licensed and insured to help you get your spraying jobs done. We can kill off food plots before tilling or planting and take care of weed management in existing food plots. Get ahold of us to discuss your spraying needs!

Prices starting at $70.00/acre


At Kanati, we can provide services to government agencies and non-profit organizations to assist with conservation delivery. With a boots-on-the-ground approach, we work closely with these agencies and organizations to identify and manage high priority conservation projects.

Prices vary by project


Our staff has decades of experience working with conservation programs, professionals and land owners. We provide educational opportunities by partnering with state and local governments as well as non-profit organizations. Kanati also has an experienced Master of Ceremonies who can act as a host for your conservation banquet.

Prices Starting At $70/Hour Or On A Volunteer Basis For Non-Profit Organizations


We can give you a bird’s eye view of your land with our drone. Utilizing drone technology allows us to capture real-time aerial images of your property to fine-tune food plot locations, travel corridors, and bedding cover. It also allows Kanati to document habitat improvements.

Prices start at $70/hour


Have you been fighting dry conditions over the past few years? After installing a system, you will not have to worry about rain anymore. We can help create small scale irrigation systems to help enhance your favorite hunting locations. At Kanati, we can help design systems where you will have the best food plots in the area.

Pricing varies depending on irrigation system


At Kanati, we can teach you to do some of your own work with no-till drills and other state-of-the art equipment. You will have the chance to create your own paradise and that food plots where all of the big bucks love to visit.

Prices vary per item


Do you not have the time or want to deal with the hassle of setting up and running trail cameras? We can help you pick out the best trail camera system for your property, sell it to you, set it up and maintain it. We will take care of all the headaches and all you will have to do is look at the pictures coming into your email or text messages!

Prices starting at $70.00/hour


With specialized equipment, we can help clear shooting lanes, develop access routes and maintain existing trails. This will help create those wide areas for shooting and for landowners to access their deer stands and other areas of their property. Give us a call to discuss your needs!

Prices starting at $70.00/hour


We can help you get your hunting spots dialed in, set up and ready to hunt. We sell multiple brands of hard sided blind, soft sided blinds, towers for the blinds, and treestands. We can also put them together and set them up in the field exactly where you want us to put them or suggest spots from us on where to put them. Brands include:

Orion, Grizzly, Millennium, Xenek, and More!

Get a hold of us to discuss blind or tree stand needs!

Prices starting at $70.00/hour


If you are unable to create wetland structures to hold back water, we can help by providing those small synthetic water holes for you. Strategically placed near food sources, these water holes are the perfect stop for wildlife entering these areas. At Kanati, we have these synthetic water holes for purchasing and can assist you in planning the right location to use them. During dry conditions, they can also be used as a hunting location as they will attract lots of wildlife.

Pricing dependent upon project size

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