At Kanati we love having a good plan!  But we also realize that every client we work with has different objectives and needs. The free consultation is an important part of finding out about you, your property and your needs.  During that consultation we will identify with you if a habitat plan is best to achieve your goals or if project implementation will achieve those goals.  If we agree that a plan is best we will proceed with our Kanati Plan Process.

Your success is our motivation. We strive to make your property everything you want it to be. If you’re not satisfied with our plan, we will continue to work with you to make sure your goals are being met!

Habitat Plans at Kanati Land Management

Hi, this is Jake Schlangen from Kanati Land Managment. One of the things we do is Habitat Plans. What a habitat is, is a detailed plan that goes through your land on a multiple year time frame to help develop the best strategy to fit your goals for your land. If it’s conservation goals, hunting goals, income goals in conjunction with your hunting or recreational activities. What that looks like is we will come out and do a site visit with you. Get to know you, get to know your land and try to see how you guys are using it now, how we can use it later. After that we go back and develop a team of specialists around your project. If your project is about whitetails, we’ll have a whitetail team. If it’s upland birds, we’re going to develop an upland bird team to help specialize in it. The reason we do that process is because then it’s not one persons opinion. It’s a group of professionals who through a think tank approach can come up with better and more comprehensive ideas than we could just by one individual. After that, we will deliver it to you with multiple years worth of advice on how to hit your goals. Then, through that process, we will also follow up annually to see if there needs to be any tweaking of that plan that needs to be done and how things are going for you. Go ahead and contact us with any questions you might have about this or to set up a habitat plan for yourself. You can navigate the website to the contact page and one of us will reach out to you!

The Kanati Habitat plan process is different from our competition. It will start with a walk thru of your property, preferably with the client so we can get a feel for what you want and how you are currently using it. From there things are done differently. We believe that having a team design a plan is better than only having one person’s opinion. We will construct that team of experts specializing around the objectives of the project.

Our plans will be tailored to you based on our consultation. They will be as detailed as the client wants which could include:

  • Multi Year Habitat Improvements
  • Eligible Government Funding Programs
  • Project Implementation Cost
  • List Of Plant And Tree Species Recommended
  • Stand And Camera Placements
  • Trail And Road Locations For Access
  • Hunting Strategy
  • Game Management Plan
  • Drone Footage
  • Aerial Maps

Our plans are comprehensive and can include management activities like:

Property Site Visits

With our habitat plans we’ll come to you and provide a property site visit to talk about your goals. We realize that your property is special to you and we’d love to see what you’ve created. Kanati can provide professional advice on habitat improvements to enhance your property.

Property Site Visits

We’ll provide a customized management plan delivered to your door that’s tailored to your property that includes detailed maps to guide your management decisions, photographs and a written plan with step-by-step guides for habitat projects.

Property Site Visits

During the site visit, we will be able to identify other possible habitat improvements such as wetland improvement, native planting, tree planting, irrigation improvement in dry areas and more.

Property Site Visits

At Kanati, we can identify areas to improve your forestry stand, which will provide more diversity, edge cover and wildlife on your property.

Property Site Visits

Anyone can plant a food plot, but figuring out exactly where that food plot needs to be in relation to your other habitat projects is where art meets science. We consider rotation, soil type and access routes when figuring out the best location for a food plot. Your customized habitat plan will include all of this relevant food plot information for current and future planting.

Property Site Visits

Kanati is experienced in identifying the appropriate cost share program to meet your goals while improving habitat.

Property Site Visits

Providing and identifying safe havens is one of the keys to success to keeping wildlife on your property. This will help create a sustainable age and population structure.

Property Site Visits

In your plan we will identify several additional hunting locations, which may require constructing new trails and roads. These trails and roads provide a quiet and easy access to these hunting locations with the least impact to wildlife.

Property Site Visits

One of the secrets to finding mature whitetails and other wildlife is understanding the importance of how/where you enter and exit your hunting location. At Kanati Land Management, we will help you figure out the best access route strategy.

Property Site Visits

Anyone can plant a food plot, but figuring out exactly where that food plot needs to be in relation to your other habitat projects is where art meets science. Our habitat plans will identify current hunting locations and possible new locations along with recommended stands, blinds and other options.

Property Site Visits

As a bonus, we can provide you with a high-definition aerial photograph of your property using drone technology. We can provide you a copy of all phtos and videos following the delivery of the habitat plan.

Property Site Visits

We understand that there are several different strategies when it comes to hunting. At Kanati, we listen to your current strategies and try to help you identify other opportunities that could improve your hunting success.