Project Implementation Services at Kanati Land Management

Project Implementation

A carefully crafted habitat plan sits on a shelf many times because landowners do not have time, equipment, or know-how to complete the plan or fulfill their habitat goals. At Kanati, we take it one step further and provide project implementation. This can include native plantings, wetland restorations, food plot planting, coordination of logging projects, and many more items that complete that habitat management plan. We can accelerate the completion of your project and get you enjoying the real reasons why you purchased property…enjoying and interacting with wildlife and spending time with family and friends.

Habitat Plans

Where should I put my food plots? How do I access my hunting locations? If these are questions you often ask, maybe a habitat plan is right for you. As a landowner, there are many resources available for habitat improvements. At Kanati, we have the expertise, knowledge, and relationships of those resources and the ability to create a comprehensive land management plan for you. During the site visit, we identify opportunities while listening to the history of the land and use your vast knowledge and experience to generate this comprehensive, ready-to-implement plan. With this plan, it provides a vision for the property so you can finally put your dreams into action.

Habitat Plans at Kanati Land Management
Conservation Programs at Kanati Land Management

Conservation Programs

Have you ever been redirected from government agency to government agency when wanting to make land improvements. With decades of experience in government conservation programs, we understand and have cultivated relationships that can help you utilize these resources. At Kanati, we have worked with federal, state, local, and non-profit funding streams to achieve goals for landowners.

Real Estate

At Kanati, through a partnership with Central MN Realty, we can help you buy the right property. With a licensed real estate agent from Central MN Realty, we can sell property that you have improved or just do not have the time to enjoy anymore so another family can enjoy it as much as you have. We have the expert knowledge of real estate, land management, conservation programs, and financial incentives to help you purchase that dream property.

Real Estate at Kanati Land Management