Kanati Final Feast


Kanati Final Feast

Final Feast is a great brassica’s mix that will provide maximum tonnage for cold weather fall food plots. This mix is made up of species that will provide maximum attraction after first frost and all winter long. This blend can be planted as a stand alone, mixed with Autumn Greens and/or broadcast or drilled into beans and early planted date plots for greater diversity.

Net Weight: 4 lb. bag | 1/2 acre

8 lbs/acre drilled or broadcast



  • New Zealand Brassicas, Forage Collards, Forage Turnips, Forage Radish, Rape and Rutabaga
Planting Dates for Upper Midwest:
  • July 15-August 15 (45-60 days before first frost average date)
Seeding Instructions:
  • Plant into a clean, firm seedbed when both drilling or broadcasting.
  • Seeding Depth: 1/4″ Deep
  • Seeding Rate: 8 lbs/acre


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