Grizzly 6×6 Box Blind


Grizzly 6×6 Box Blind

Easy to transport and forklift ready, every USA-made 6’x6’, 8-sided Grizzly Box Blind is rotomolded for flawless, one-piece, durable construction and the ultimate protection from whatever weather comes your way. Rotomolding construction along with double gasket-sealed windows also helps eliminate human scent from leaving the box blind when windows are closed.

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The Grizzly Box Blind is designed to give rifle hunters full field of view shooting opportunities with three large 12″ h x 29.5″ w inch horizontal windows. Shooting angles are maximized further for bow hunters with five 29.5″ h x 12″ w inch vertical windows. No buck will come into the range where the Grizzly Box Blind won’t give you shot opportunities regardless of how you hunt.

With the Grizzly Box Blind, it doesn’t matter which window your big buck presents itself for the perfect shot. Why? Every window in the new Grizzly Box Blind features a silent, friction hinge system which allows each to be opened with one hand and have them stay open without clamps or locking mechanisms. Hunting in the Grizzly Box Blind lets you focus on the shot – not on how you’ll get a window to stay open – allowing you to hunt in silence with a minimum of movement when it matters most.

Customization of your Grizzly Box Blind

Every Grizzly Box Blind is also designed to be customized by you to meet your needs for successful whitetail hunts. Whether you trick out the Grizzly Box Blind with every option now or add features as the seasons pass you’ll get a Lifetime Guarantee of performance from the most advanced hunting blind in the market.

  • Accessories that can be added
  • Blackout shades for complete conceal
  • Shadow mesh shades for concealment with vision
  • 4 x 4 receptors for tower build (tower not included)
  • Window friction hinges for one-hand operation
  • Carpet floor with antimicrobial treatment (base model)
  • Weight: 500lbs
  • 6′ x 6′ (fits on a 6 ft trailer)


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