Cuddeback CuddeLink Double Barrel 20MP


Cuddeback CuddeLink Double Barrel 20MP

The best CuddeLink camera with color night time photos. X-Change flash system allows you to change flash type. Cuddeback’s Double Barrel Flash has 2 flash tubes which allow for a fast 1 second camera delay. The result is full color with no motion blur and best quality night images. And the pictures are incredible. 20MP images with stunning daylight color and color images when shot at night. On top of the performance, there are a ton of cool and innovative features, such as Zone Control, separate day/night delays, fully programmable time lapse and many more.

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CuddeLink Built In

CuddeLink camera-to-camera network built in. No additional equipment to buy. CuddeLink ™ is a wireless network of cameras that transmit their images to one camera. The image collection camera is the home camera and the transmitting cameras are the remote cameras. Not Wi-Fi, not cellular. CuddeLink is a private camera-to-camera network with no monthly fee! This camera can be a Home, Remote, or Repeater. With CuddeLink On-Site, images from up to 24 cameras are transmitted to 1 camera. Instead of checking multiple trail cameras, you only check one.

Industry Leading Performance

Featuring an industry leading 1/4 second trigger speed that captures the deer that so many other cameras would miss. Add Super-Fast Recovery Speed that is ready for the next picture within 1 second of taking the first, and the result is Cuddeback can capture 2 photos before many cameras can capture the first.

  • Compatible with all CuddeLink cameras.
  • Instead of checking all your trail cameras, you only check one.
  • Model: G-5086
  • Megapixels: 20
  • Trigger Speed: 1/4 second
  • Strobe: 1″ xenon
  • Flash Type: Color night images
  • Flash Range: 100 feet
  • Battery Type: 4 x D


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