• Orion 6'x6' 8 Sided Modular Combo Blind

    Orion's premium modular hunting blinds are assembled in a snap with our patented quick-latch system - no tools required. Constructed of lightweight materials, each Orion HuntShield360 panel weighs less than 40 lbs. Layers of aluminum, foam insulation, and sound-deadening blackout carpet to keep Mother Nature out and noise and scents in. Orion Hunting Blinds are easily transportable, packaged to fit in the bed of all standard pick-up trucks, and do not require heavy equipment to place at your post.

  • Orion Stand


    Orion Stand

    Engineered for safety and stability, Orion Elevated Hunting Stands are all steel and powder-coated with rust-preventing paint to withstand critters and rotting. Whether you choose a 5' stand, 10' stand or 15' stand - stair or ladder - all Orion Elevated Stands come standard with a 40"x60" steel deck that allows you to enter your blind most safely. The stair and deck rail is designed with OSHA commercial safety in mind, encouraging three-points of contact when climbing and entering and exiting your blind.

  • Grizzly 6x6 Box Blind

    Easy to transport and forklift ready, every USA-made 6’x6’, 8-sided Grizzly Box Blind is rotomolded for flawless, one-piece, durable construction and the ultimate protection from whatever weather comes your way. Rotomolding construction along with double gasket-sealed windows also helps eliminate human scent from leaving the box blind when windows are closed.

  • XENEK Sniper Ground Blind – DSX Camo

    The SNIPER ground blind from XENEK maximizes shot opportunities while minimizing exposure of the hunter with the use of precision windows and strategically placed one-way vision panels on all four sides. Fitted in DSX Camo designed by Dave Smith (DSD Decoys) and backed with a lifetime warranty on the frame.
  • XENEK Ascent Ground Blind With Backpack

    The ASCENT ground blind from XENEK is loaded with patented innovation. Two concepts ruled the design process behind this blind: One, it had to offer more customizable shooting opportunities than any other blind on the market. Two, it needed to be the most durable ground blind on the market.
  • Millennium M100 Ultralite Hang-On Stand

    The M100 is one of the classic and most popular trees stand designs ever made; the M100U combines those design features with an aluminum-frame construction, giving it a weight of only 13.5 pounds — 20 percent lighter than the original M100. The M100U has the patented ComfortMAX seat with a back and side straps, providing the hunter a comfortable, stable seat that won’t collect water. While the seat folds up for bowhunters who want a stand-up shot, the M100U can be mounted with the M101 optional shooting rail for gun or crossbow hunters. And when it’s time to switch to a new stand site, the M100U folds flat and is easily carried with the included backpack straps. This is a stand that does it all, for bow or gun hunters, season after season.

  • Millennium Q200 Buck Hut Shooting House

    The Millennium Q200 Buck Hut Shooting House is constructed with a heavy duty water-resistant soft shell with black windows and a black interior for ultimate concealment. The roomy interior is 7 feet high for standing shots and is configured to allow for up to 2 360 revolution seats.
  • Millennium Q300 Universal Blind Platform

    The 6 ft. x 6 ft. Millennium Q300 Universal Blind Platform features 2 leveling legs, a powder-coat steel construction with optional anchoring outriggers to secure pop-up blinds and easy ladder access.

  • Millennium L110 21' Ladder Stand

    The L110 has the same features as the L100 but with a deeper, more generous foot platform and a fold-up seat that makes it an ideal choice for bowhunters. The double-rail rigid ladder system also allows the stand to be placed at different heights, from 8 feet to 21 feet, giving bow or gun hunters flexibility to get in the best possible position for a shot given the habitat and terrain. Like the L100, the L110 is built tough and to meet the needs of hunters in real-world conditions, season after season. For both the L110 and L100, the optional M600 bow holder is available.

  • Millennium G100 Shooting Chair

    With adjustable tripod legs, folding design and full-back ComfortMAX seat, the G100 chair is perfect for ground blind applications in any season. The G100 gives you a combination of comfort, quiet, and excellent positioning — the height adjustment can be made from 13 to 18 inches. No matter what blind you are in, you will be in a good position to see the game and take your best shot. It’s also pre-drilled to hold the G101 optional shooting stick or can match up with the optional M600 bow-holder. With Millennium’s sturdy and durable aluminum construction and long-lasting, super comfortable ComfortMAX seat fabric, this could be the last ground blind chair you’ll ever need. This lightweight, packable, exceptionally comfortable design is perfect for deer hunting, turkey hunting, dove hunting or any other outdoor activity.

  • Millennium M25 Steel Hang-On Stand

    Comfortable, quiet and easy to set-up, Millennium’s M25 is built for hunters who need a stand that is easy to pack in yet comfortable enough for an all-day hunt. The M25 folds flat for backpacking (the straps are included) for those long treks. The patented ComfortMAX seat and integrated footrest give the hunter the ergonomic support necessary to hunt dawn to dark. And when the moment of truth arrives, the seat folds up and out of the way for stand-up shots.

  • Millennium M60 Ultralite Hang-On Stand

    The M60U Ultralite hang-ON stand has the same basic configuration as the popular M50, but is made with aluminum rather than steel — bringing its weight down to 13.5 pounds. It’s a top choice for hunters who want both mobility and comfort in a hang-on. The stand folds flat for packing through the woods (backpack-style straps are included), the seat and platform are adjustable, and once the stand is secured, bowhunters can fold the seat up for standing shots. The M60 also uses the same CamLOCK system as the M50, allowing for quick and easy relocation.


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