• MN CP25 Premium

    Provide habitat for rare and declining wildlife species by restoring, conserving and increasing the diversity of tallgrass prairie native plant communities.
  • MN CP42 Pollinator & Honey Bee Habitat

    To attract pollinators, an area must have adequate sources of food, shelter and nesting sites. A variety of wildflowers and grasses will provide pollinators with food (nectar, pollen, and /or larval host plants). A minimum of nine species of pollinator friendly native forbs. Slightly different species for pollinator mix
  • Kanati Confidence Screen

    Kanati Confidence Screen is a species blend that will grow tall and will give you a visual block bordering food plots and travel routes. These plants will grow 8’-12’ tall within 70-100 days. The mix is made up of different height plants for maximum durability against wind and snow. We love using Confidence screen to make our deer feel more comfortable and also to allow us to enter and exit stand sights undetected. Maturity date from planting: 70-100 days

  • Kanati Final Feast

    Final Feast is a great brassica’s mix that will provide maximum tonnage for cold weather fall food plots. This mix is made up of species that will provide maximum attraction after first frost and all winter long. This blend can be planted as a stand alone, mixed with Autumn Greens and/or broadcast or drilled into beans and early planted date plots for greater diversity.

    Net Weight: 4 lb. bag | 1/2 acre

    8 lbs/acre drilled or broadcast

  • Kanati Keep Them Clover and Alfalfa

    Kanati Keep Them Clover and Alfalfa is a premium mix of all season clovers, alfalfa and chicory. This food plot really thrives by being an all season food source that will provide perennial forage that will be there from spring green up to deer digging in the snow.

    Net Weight: 5 lb. bag | 1/2 acre

    10 lbs/acre drilled or broadcast

  • Primal Final Flush


    Primal Final Flush

    Final Flush is an intelligent blend that provides a diverse, yearlong food source necessary for chick and adult pheasant survival. It also provides excellent winter habitat and hunting cover. Seeding Rate: 20 lbs/acre drilled or broadcast Available in: 20 lb bag, 50 lb bag
  • Kanati Autumn Greens

    This mix is designed to give maximum greens in the fall. These plants have great attraction throughout early to late fall and are easy to grow.

    Net Weight: 50 lb. bag | 1/2 acre

  • Real World Giant Miscanthus


    Real World Giant Miscanthus

    For years our customers have been asking us if Real World was ever going to come out with a plot screen product. We tested a lot of different annual plant species but they all fell short (pun intended) of earning the Real World label. While some looked great while growing and early in the fall, they would all fall over once the plants died. We refused to sell a product that we knew would ultimately not do what was expected of it.

    Real World Wildlife Products president Don Higgins first planted miscanthus grass on his farm several years ago and was so impressed with what he saw and the potential that this plant offers the wildlife land manager that he put in considerable time and effort learning more about this extremely tall grass. When he discovered that there are different varieties of miscanthus he arranged for the Real World team to visit different university, corporate and private test plots around the country. After looking at numerous miscanthus cultivars the Real World team focused on one specific variety that they felt would be the very best for screening and other habitat applications. They then negotiated with the patent holder of this specific variety and ultimately signed a contract to market it. MAKE NO MISTAKE, REAL WORLD GIANT MISCANTHUS IS DIFFERENT THAN OTHER MISCANTHUS! It gets as tall as any other miscanthus but has more leaf for better screening. Dare to Compare!

  • Primal Double Barrel Blend

    Double Barrel provides benefits of both Longtail Delight™ (White Milo) and Pheasant Pheast™ (Red Milo) in one package. Seeding Rate: 8 lbs/acre drilled | 12 lbs/acre broadcast 50 lb. bag
  • Primal Pheasant Feast

    Pheasant Pheast is desired by upland game birds because it provides them with daily energy and a protective structure for survival. Its seed will become sweeter in taste as the plant matures. Seeding Rate: 8 lbs/acre drilled | 12 lbs/acre broadcast 50 lb. bag
  • Kanati Low Moisture Grain Mix

    This mix has been designed to produce grain for deer and wildlife while being more drought tolerant or in soils prone to lower moisture levels. This mix also creates structure to help deer feel more comfortable feeding in during daylight hours.

  • Primal Soybeans

    Primal Soybeans will provide a high-quality food source for deer throughout the year. This mix of forage-type soybeans has excellent standability to combat harsh Midwest winters and are shatter resistant, retaining grain for deer to forage on. Glyphosate tolerant soybeans are ideal for reducing weed pressure in a rotation or establishing a new food plot. Seeding Rate: 50 lbs/acre drilled or broadcast 50 lb. bag


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