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  • Planting natives makes a difference.

    From bees to butterflies, Kanati can help you help pollinators.

The most important pollinator habitat you can create is one that fits your lifestyle to ensure its long-term success.

Our curated seed mixes offer a diverse habitat for pollinators while also benefitting habitat and shelter for other animals, improves soil health and stormwater infiltration, and aids in carbon sequestration. Native host plants are also critical to support a healthy ecosystem by providing biodiversity and vital nourishment for insects and other pollinators, ultimately sustaining the world’s natural food webs. By incorporating a healthy blend of native flowers, grasses, and shrubs within your landscape, you are promoting a robust and diverse habitat for pollinators while advocating for your project’s success.

Whether you are looking to shave off a few passes on the lawnmower or you wish to convert your ten-acre hard-to-farm field to native vegetation, Kanati can help you find the right seed mix and seeding method to make your habitat a success. The mixes selected offer year-round appeal by including native grasses and wildflowers that have unique textures, shapes, and seed pods. Additionally, native landscapes provide long-term cost savings over turf-based lawns while also increasing the aesthetic value of the property. We look forward to working with you to help pollinators!

Establishment & What to Expect

Dedicated Work and a Methodical Process

Restoring the natural landscape is an exercise of patience that can be enormously rewarding. Nature flows and grows at its own pace and the best way to approach this process is to know what to expect.

  • The first year is dedicated to site prep followed by seeding and installment.
  • During the second year, early successional plants will begin to emerge, but unfortunately so will weeds due to soil disturbance the previous year. It is crucial to maintain weed control by mowing and weeding the area as necessary.
  • By the third and fourth year, you will notice your project begin to transform and flourish with enthusiastic pollinators and the appearance of new native plant species.

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.

— Lao Tzu
Ways we can help

Contact us for service inquiries or an on-site consultation to get started.