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  • Low maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance.

Maintenace makes a difference.

Although native landscapes do not need mowing like regular turf grass, it can be a useful tool for management. Mowing the native landscapes can accelerate the breakdown of biomass and mowing during the first growing season can control annual weeds while natives are establishing themselves. 

In order to maintain your newly planted native landscape and prevent weeds from reseeding, use the following timeline as your maintenance guide:

  • Year one: Mow when vegetation is 6 to 12 inches high. Native plants are sending down roots and will be shorter than non-desirable vegetation. It may be necessary to mow several times to keep vegetation below 12 inches.
  • Year two: Continue to mow, but less frequently.
  • Year three: Native grasses and forbs should be able to hold their own.
  • After three years: Plan to burn or mow every third year.

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