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  • Native, sustainably harvested.

    Kanati sustainably harvests hand-cuttings from native shrubs such as Red Osier Dogwood and Black Willow by hand-cutting stakes from established shrubs.

Dogwood and Willow live staking

Live stakes are dormant hardwood cuttings, roughly 3 feet long, that are planted without rooting hormone into moist soil. The stakes are relatively straight pieces of branches or stems that do not have other branches or leaves on them. By locally sourcing the Dogwood and Willow stakes, we can decrease the distance and time for transit, therefore reducing emissions associated with transportation. 

Live staking is a low-cost method to sustainably extend and enhance wildlife habitat and control riverbank erosion. They require little maintenance after installment which is another reason they are so efficient to use. Without plants and roots, soil particles are more likely to wash away during high waters, heavy rains, and rapid snow melts. This leads to a number of undesirable results including sediment pollution in the water, loss of land, and deeply channeled streams. 

Contact us for harvesting hand-cuttings and installment services or, if you wish to learn how to collect, store, and install native hand-cuttings yourself, we can walk you through the step-by-step process!

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