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  • Experts on how to maximize the ‘where, when, and how’ of food plots.

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Can you ever have too many?

Kanati not only can offer full or partial assistance with planting food plots that are exactly to your requested blends and specifications, but we can also recommend the best locations, size, and plot design. In addition, we offer site prep and management for new or existing food plots. 

Food plots are a key piece to keeping deer on the property for as long as possible. Utilizing food plots that provide forage that deer cannot get elsewhere can increase the number of deer using the property in addition to attracting mature bucks looking for does during the rut.

Our recommended seed blends can offer your desired game species year-round food sources and will maximize your property’s hunting opportunities Kanati can help execute strip-planting single food sources and multi-cropping plots, both of which can be advantageous to incorporate on your property. Multi-cropping systems allow deer and other wildlife to feed on multiple sources of food at any given time throughout the year. It also intensifies food plot growth and efficiency and minimizes the risk of food plot failure by diversifying the plot. 

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Contact us for service inquiries, or an on-site consultation to get started today.  

Ways we can help

Contact us for service inquiries, an on-site consultation, and learn how to create your own resource management system for your property.