About Kanati Land Management

At Kanati Land Management we pride ourselves in helping you create your dream property. Whether you own 5 acres or 5000 acres we are here to help maximize your properties’ potential. We specialize in everything from food plots, game species habitat improvements, CRP planting, Bee and Butterfly planting, Habitat plans, prairie restoration, wetland improvements, tree plantings, tree sales, wildlife seed sales, blind sales and installation, equipment sales and much more. We even have a licensed real estate agent on the team that can help you find that dream property or sell your current. We start all this with a free consultation to help identify your needs and let you know what we can do for you.

How To Figure Out If You’re Eligible For A Government Program

Figuring out whether you're eligible for a government program can take a lot of time and leave you more confused. Kanati Land Management is here to help explain and make the process easier!

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