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Minnesota Board for Soil and Water Resources Academy Speaker

For the past several years, the Minnesota Board for Soil and Water Resources Academy has invited Nate Hylla, The CEO of Kanati, to speak at their largest annual training seminar in Minnesota.

The purpose of the three-day convention is to train and educate all BWSR and SWCD staff in Minnesota. Throughout his presentations, Mr. Hylla shares his own experiences to help relate to the audience. Before starting Kanati, Mr. Hylla worked for the Stearns County SWCD in Minnesota for over 15 years and personally understands the internal functions of such organizations.


The Approach

Many of Mr. Hylla’s presentations centralize around the importance of people skills in conservation. Being available for In-person communication, transparency, respect, conflict resolution, and relationship building are all popular topics of his speeches. These factors should be included in any form of communication regardless of the audience. That said, the approach taken when speaking with a landowner may differ from someone who works for an organization within conservation.

The approach helps add the people piece to conservation. Separate from the physical aspects of conservation, training, education, and promoting awareness need to be at par.  While conservation relies a lot on science, human beings also hold an empowering tool, communication. Mr. Hylla uses his experiences to instrumentally educate others on how he has successfully turned communicating conservation into the implementation of conservation.

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