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Meeting the needs of present and future generations. 

Our overall process is simple. We plan, design, and fulfill conservation.

To dissect this even further, we begin by consulting, then planning, followed by implementation, and ultimately educating ourselves and others from our experiences. Each of these actions can be looked at as singular entities and within each project there is an even further detailed series of steps we follow to ultimately see a change for the better in the natural environment. 

Independent solutions with the same ultimate goal.


Kanati is involved in a wide range of project types for a diverse client base, each of which is approached with a different set of tools and order of operations that is unique to the client’s needs, resources, and external environment. We have the capability to work with clients in every part of conservation throughout the entire process and offer them several avenues to obtain their goals including consulting, planning, implementation, and education.

  • Consult

    Communication and conservation go hand-in-hand. Work gets done with and through building trust and is ultimately the foundation of any partnership and project carried out by Kanati.

  • Plan

    A strategy for your vision in every season. Giving you direction, motivation, commitment, and something to get excited about. Kanati is a firm believer in having a plan; If you're going to do it anyways, why not do it right?

  • Implement

    A unique approach to every implementation situation. With a plan to follow, implementation can be carried out effectively, efficiently, and confidently.

  • Educate

    A key component to conservation is education. It allows us to break down complex ecological problems to be widely understood and can inspire care for our natural resources. Throughout any plan, project, and partnership Kanati is associated with, there is something to be learned, shared, and built on that holds value to the acceleration of conservation.

The relationship piece.

No matter the type of service Kanati can offer, we deliver value without there being any conditions and wish to be as clear as we can be on the intent and purpose of our services.

Trust is the glue. We accelerate results by really getting to know you and delivering personalized, quality service to our clients. Additionally, we wish these environmental benefits to stick, therefore we want to make sure they can sustainably fit into your lifestyle. To ensure our practices produce lasting results, we immerse sustainability into your lifestyle by taking the additional time to align ourselves with your goals, concerns, and values.

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