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Jakes Journey

Spending time in the woods, watching wildlife, and time outdoors are all fond memories of growing up on my family farm in central Minnesota.   Hunting, fishing and farming became early on passions of mine which led me down a path of being involved in the outdoor industry and conservation industry. I feel truly in my element when I am surrounded by nature with a bow in my hand or on a tractor/skid loader working the land.

Exploring the outdoors, learning from it, and improving it, have all become crucial elements in shaping my identify. I am lucky to share with my beautiful wife these passions and way of life. We are fortunate to be able to have introduced our son to this at a very young age on hunts and in the tractor, beginning only when he was in diapers. The most valuable gift the outdoors has given me is the special memories I am able to create with my family while enjoying it, something I wish to inspire future generations to experience.

My love and respect for hunting and the outdoors has become my life’s work. I have been fortunate enough to hunt in a variety of landscapes and have worked with many different clients and properties across the country. With a background in business and in addition to my part at Kanati, I have owned and operated Archery Country for over 20 years and have successfully manufactured several lines of outdoor brands. Kanati and Archery Country complement each other well as companies, providing a wide array of resources, services, and products for wildlife and landowners.

Working with Kanati has allowed me the opportunity to help landowners and hunters unlock and maximize their properties potential. We want to help you achieve your habitat and wildlife goals, assisting you with individual practices, hunting strategies, and offering fully comprehensive habitat management plans. My intentions for landowners and hunters are to help them improve the overall quality of their land, implement strategies that lead to success and longevity, and offer insight of how to leverage their costs. The several properties I manage personally for habitat improvement gives me the important hands-on experience with the ability to practice trial and error. This, along with managing client’s properties, gives me immense insight into the wide array of perspectives of hunting strategies and management styles.

When I consult with other landowners and hunters, I take into consideration that what works for me may not work as their strategy. Each landowner’s goals, properties, and capabilities are unique to them and must be considered to reach positive and realistic solutions. I am grateful for the experience to be a part of Kanati, helping you transition your property into a private oasis for wildlife and for you and your family to enjoy.