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  • Keeping your woods healthy and beautiful.

Kanati assesses the status of your timber stand and recommends improvements to establish a healthier ecosystem. This ensures wildlife has access to more food, better cover, and a diverse habitat. Kanati’s services include brush management, clear-cutting, edge feathering, forestry mulching, ecologically sensitive harvesting, and tree thinning.

  • Brush Management

    Brush management is deployed to create and sustain a desired plant community, improving plant structure and diversity. Examples of brush management can include creating brush piles and snags, grapevine and invasive species control, and monitoring tree density.

  • Clear-Cutting

    Clearcutting is a way to harvest
    timber and regenerate forests by cutting down a majority or all trees in an area. Clear-cutting can also be done to make room for food plots on your property or to transition the area to agricultural use. If the intention is to remove degraded growth to promote new growth, it is important to consider how the woods will regrow afterward: by allowing it to regrow naturally or by planting new seedlings?

  • Edge Feathering

    Edge feathering creates a gradual transition between two habitat types. The act leaves trees toppled over and allows the height of the tree to cover a higher surface area since the tree is now horizontal instead of vertical. Manufacturing these edge feathers along trails and borders of your property will benefit many species of wildlife offering them a different type of coverage and a sense of security.

  • Forestry Mulching

    Clearing a large wooded area of unwanted growth can feel daunting, and if you’ve been manually going in with a chainsaw to chop it down, there’s an easier way. Our forestry mulcher and team of woodland professionals can help you clear unwanted brush, saplings, smaller vegetation, and any other type of overgrowth from acres of land without disturbing the roots of the trees or vegetation you’re trying to keep.

  • Ecologically Sensitive Harvesting

    Selectively harvesting timber involves carefully choosing which trees to log while leaving the rest of the forest intact. This process allows for better yield and productivity over several decades. Each year provides trees for harvest, rather than having to wait a minimum of sixty years after a clear-cut. Kanati can assist in identifying tree types and areas that would be the most productive to harvest from and assist in harvesting. In addition, if you have no personal use for the timber, we can give recommendations for how to obtain an economic return for your harvest.

  • Tree Thinning

    Tree thinning can reduce your wood's fire risk as well as improve the health of your woods, supports new tree growth, and improves habitat for wildlife. Kanati focuses on your wood's tree density, age and species distribution, and natural gaps in the canopy when recommending tree thinning services.

What are your woodland goals?

Create wildlife habitat

Encourage biodiversity

Increase the natural beauty

Improve trails & recreation

Enhance environmental benefits

Agroforestry & timber harvest

What is the Woodland Stewardship Program?

The Woodland Stewardship program helps you to understand what is in your woods, how to improve them, and when to do the work. The plan will help. The program helps you manage your woods through education and advisement, cost-share opportunities to complete your projects, and the development of a plan that will provide a reliable tree inventory, maps and photos of your property, a list of activities to meet your goals, and a timeline to keep your woods on track to staying healthy and beautiful for years to come. In addition, pursuing a Woodland Stewardship program can also provide tax incentives. 

Ways we can help

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